• Chairman Yan Qinglin to Jiayuguan Aofu condolences to staff
    2017 - 03 - 21
    September 14, Aofu Group Chairman Yan Qinglin, northwest manager Lin Wang, production manager Zhao Mingjun and other company leaders, to Jiayuguan Oufu production line of all staff condolences for everyone to send a thick celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
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Since the Orford group was established, under the Orford Orford Orford energy, environmental protection, investment three branch, and Lanzhou Orford, Orford Jiayuguan, Inner Mongolia Orford silver, Orford and other eight subsidiaries, won the "national quality trustworthy enterprise", "national high-tech enterprises", and through the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, "the Ministry of energy service companies" qualification approval and ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system. Company to the "recycling economy, environmental protection and energy saving for the development of new energy, biomass utilization, energy saving, waste utilization, industrial water treatment, heating and other fields, by EMC, BOT, PPP and other cooperation mode, package management, investment and financing, construction and operation of the trusteeship.The group over the years with domestic electric powe...
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At the end of October, in accordance with the head office to strengthen the professional skills trai...
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June 30, 2016, Chairman Yan Qinglin and the company's top leadership to the Inner Mongolia Ove inspe...
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95 years of trials and hardships, 95 years of towering years. The Chinese people are full of joy and...
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  • 2016 - 06 - 17
    June 9, in Inner Mongolia, the water treatment project is about to put into operation, Chairman Yan Qinglin in Inner Mongolia Oufu company held a live work conference, the participants are the company headquarters management staff and all employees of Inner Mongolia Oufu company first meeting by the Group Deputy general manager Zhu Baocheng conducted a work report, the participants on the water treatment project, and the Inner Mongolia Branch of the enterprise and the same industry brothers in the management, operation indicators and other aspects of a comparative analysis.
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